Lifting the Lid...-1

In November and December 2020, SevenSix Agency conducted an industry-wide survey into influencer pricing, collecting data from over 275 influencers, brands and agencies in the UK and beyond. We uncovered a lot of harsh truths about the influencer marketing industry, specifically pertaining to the lack of pricing standards which in many cases led to payment disparities. 

So, we have put together a 16-page report delving into the influencer pay gap.

Lifting the Lid: The Influencer Pricing Report

Report Social Graphic Final

What to expect:

  • Key insights from industry professionals on pricing & inclusive marketing
  • Insight into influencer pricing & mindsets
  • Expert advice on engagement
  • A pricing plan for all parties to use when entering brand partnerships

Our report is now available! Complete the form below to receive a full copy.